Our Story

Hi, my name is Chris. I’m a botanist, master gardener, sustainable farming expert and the founder of Caloe Farms. I create skin care products made 100% of plants.

In case you’re wondering, Caloe is short for California Aloe. We have our own organic Aloe Vera farm in California, located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains! 

I started this business because people with sensitive skin and an earth-friendly attitude need a skin care product line they can trust. 

So I started an organic aloe farm and formulated some pretty great products that are made 100% in-house.  Nobody touches our products but us. From the soil to the shipping, it’s all in our hands. 

Caloe products are versatile. They’re easy to apply, absorb quickly and play nice with your other skincare products.  

Everything we make is built on the backbone of our Caloe Farms aloe. I developed a proprietary extraction technique that produces a ridiculously high quality aloe juice. Unlike our commercial competitors, we don’t heat, bleach or add chemicals to our aloe juice. This helps provide up to eight times more beneficial plant compounds to keep your skin radiant, smooth and healthy. 

Caloe Farms is a family owned business and it’s built from the ground up on the values of environmental sustainability. From our ethical ingredient sourcing down to our packaging and labeling, we believe in making big things happen one small act at a time. Having a positive impact on the Earth is the cornerstone of our philosophy. 

If you ever have any questions about Caloe, I’m eager to try and answer them! 

Some of my background

I’ve been into nature and science since I was a little guy. As kids, my dad would lead my brother and I into the Sierra Nevada and we learned early on how important it is to preserve nature and the wilderness. As I grew up, I spent months at a time hiking, climbing, paddling, cycling and camping. I loved to be learning in nature, and took some pretty big and sometimes sketchy risks to study the flora and fauna of every corner of California. The deep spiritual connection I formed with nature in my science adventures morphed into an interest in the interface of man and nature. Naturally, so to speak, my attention was drawn to modern agriculture and the ecological problems that come along with it. I got to work.

Over 20 years of college education and my own field studies, I gained an encyclopedic knowledge on sustainable gardening and farming techniques. I patented several liquid organic fertilizer products for the booming organic hydroponics industry. I became a California Master Gardner where I helped enhance the UC Integrated Pest Management program, which is designed for homeowners who want to eliminate chemical pesticides from their neighborhoods. After that I spent the next 7 years in research mode. I took a job running one of the largest landscape nurseries in California, a 97 acre greenhouse farm near the Mexican border. There, I converted the production to 100% sustainable methods and developed a line of organic and natural pest control products for the commercial horticulture and floriculture industries. I helped develop several plant supplement products for companies such as Fox Farm Soils, General Hydroponics and Empire Organics. All the while, I maintained an unwavering focus on sustainability and the impact of industry on nature. 

Fast forward about 10 years and my son was born and just like they say, my life changed in an instant. My new focus was trying to spend as much time with him as possible. My mom had passed away from cancer just a few months before my son was born, and I was in a pretty rough spot. In one of the toughest times of my life, something activated my scientist mind. My son had super sensitive skin just like me. I used raw aloe sometimes but it was slimy and left my skin really tacky. Then boom, the core concept hit me! Why not grow aloe and make a product that gets it in your skin but feels nice after it dries. The ideas blossomed from there, and I developed 14 different products over two years in my lab. 

I’ve spent years perfecting these products. I am certainly biased, but this stuff is top notch and I’m thrilled to share it with you and your family!

- Chris P

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